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Uncut (Trailer)

For over 200 million women around the world, the passage from infancy to adulthood is marked by the blood of female genital mutilation (Fgm). The movie “Uncut” investigates the topic of female genital mutilation, narrating how in three African countries – Somaliland, Kenya, Ethiopia – women have been uniting in coalitions to eradicate this harmful practice, sometimes paying a high price for the courage to speak out in their strongly patriarchal societies. It’s a collective story that sews together several tales of pain, of a fight for women’s rights and, in many cases, of success.


Autore: Simona Ghizzoni, Emanuela Zuccalà

Durata: 20'

Ente produttore: Associazione culturale Zona

Trasmesso su: Inedita in Tv

Tag:  Mutilazioni genitali


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