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When I was a terrorist - Storia di un ex combattente shaabab

Special Jury Prize - Audio shorts, edition 2015

"When I was a terrorist: the story of a former shaabab soldiers": Since several years the Somali islamic fighters Al Shabaab, linked to al Qaeda, are trying to seize power in Somalia. In 2011, their violence has also reached Kenya where the group has claimed responsibility for dozens of attacks. Often the authors are the same Kenyans. Boys also minors that are taken from the street, fed, indoctrinated and sent to train in Somalia. Once they are ready for the mission they’re used as suicide bombers as well as assault soldiers. Alì is a 28 kenyan and for two years he fought as Shabaab terrorist. This is his story. 

Antonella Palmieri

Director: Antonella Palmieri


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