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The L'anello debole (Weakest link) prize is awarded during the Capodarco l'Altro festival.

The prize is divided into four categories:

a) audio shorts (investigative reports, reportage, documentaries);
b) social realism short films (investigative reports, reportage, documentaries);
c) fiction short films;
d) “Super shorts” films

The vote of a special jury will be amassed, along with those from the people’s jury, in order to declare a winner/s.

Only one work for each category can be submitted, according to the rules and regulations for submission. 

The prize and festival’s artistic director is Andrea Pellizzari. Author, actor, tv and radio broadcaster, Pellizzari made his name in the tv series “Le Iene”. Andrea has been a regular guest at the Anello Debole award ceremony since 2007 as a jury member and a presenter, and has shown his philanthropic side on a number of occasions, and most recently has been directly involved in the project “Mr Brown For Haiti”.


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